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Distributed Systems Development

VP, Treasury Systems (#4029) - Top-tier investment bank requires Project Manager for their Treasury Systems group. Support treasury analytics, including derivatives with Summit objects, and trading systems in a UNIX server, NT client environment. Oversee their ongoing development and refinement of a comprehensive suite of analytical tools. Additionally, develop Risk Management capability for the Mortgage Finance Desk. Technical, Management and User Interface skills could bring you a 275K package.
NT Analyst (#3963)- Wall Street powerhouse, fueled by most profitable year ever, seeks NTanalyst with superior VC++, OLE and/or MFC skills to lead the firm's Global Risk Management Technology move into NT environment. Grow to VP position in one year, building on your great visibility.  To 200K.
WEB Developer (#3964)- Dynamic investment bank with strong commitment to Windows NT/WEB development. Requires multiple professionals with WEB skills, data warehousing skills and middleware/CORBA skills to develop state-of-the art INTRANET based data warehouse for the equity trading area. Your technical leadership skills will be rewarded with a comp package in the 175-200K range!
C++ Developers/Analysts (#4021,3961,4049)- Multiple first-tier investment banks and trading boutiques require highly skilled UNIX/C++/Sybase developers/analysts for their computer-driven Equity Derivatives trading operations. Highly profitable, fast-paced and technically driven, these operations rely on technical professionals to assist them in implementing their strategies. To 250K.
Financial Engineers (#4028)- Derivatives trading subsidiary of major financial firm seeks to utilize your C++ skills in the development of various financial models (Interest-Rate, FX, EMG and Equity Derivatives) essential to their trading/structured product success. Develop analytics expertise in dynamic environment growth. To 200K.
Infrastructure Engineer (#3905)- Premier, hugely profitable hedge fund seeks to execute an ambitious re-engineering of their trading systems from the ground up. Your knowledge of UNIX, Windows NT, relational data bases and Intranet connectivity will enable you to make significant contributions to the infrastructure development stage of the project. Your rewards will include a fast-paced, professional environment and compensation package in the 150K-200K range.
Visual Basic Analyst (#4101,4112)- Several prominent international financial trading firms require your VB, Access and SQL Server skills to improve their FX and derivatives trading capability. Direct desk support, great visibility, and leading edge NT technology are key components. To 100K.


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